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Political Science Response 1: Environmental Movements The Rules of Attraction A strong home front Having a strong basis of organization within a movement at the local level is a fundamental precursor. A movement's ability to successfully organize around a specific cause, or causes, initiates its journey. The more organized a unit the greater the prospect of mobilization; the more mobilized a movement is, the greater attention it gains. Maintained organization along with increased mobilization on the local level attracts more local support which attracts smaller domestic forces, and so on up the hierarchical ladder. Once a movement has established a sound support base on the home front, the integration and success of international support is greater. Media The stronger the home base the more access it has to resources that promotes its visibility on the international front. The most effective enhancer of visibility is the media. It is necessary also to caution that the media can also be the vehicle of propaganda if it is controlled by the oppressive agencies for which the movement fights against. Having access to the media and having your movement, or cause, reported draws attention. All of the authors stressed the importance of the media on visibility. Gaining media attention is a way to extend your cause beyond your local arena, and the more extensive or wide-reaching the media source, the more extensive the pool of possible supporters. The more attention you get on the media, the more appealing you look to potential international supporters. The media also plays an important role on the domestic level. It alerts other groups,
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and citizens, within the region and country of your struggles and injustices done to you and opens up the movement to more support from these domestic agencies, strengthening your local stage. Outside of murder or killings, protests, strikes, and rallies typically draw the most media attention. The attention given to these events instigates interest and increasing potential support. For the Ogoni's, it was the documented mass mobilization of the Ogoni Day march that brought about the most media attention and propelled them unto the international scene, dissolving most skepticism. For the Indian protesters, it was their
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response1 - Political Science Response 1 Environmental...

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