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Political Science Term Paper Prospectus Rapid urbanization has been a problem that has been hindering the advancement of many developing countries, especially those of Sub-Saharan Africa. Rural and urban development has been treated as two separate entities, and policies addressing the problems faced by these areas have followed along those polarized lines. The first step to addressing the issues of the rural-urban sectors is to acknowledge that these two sectors are intrinsically interdependent and to be treated as such rather than two unconnected independent sectors. It needs to be recognized that whatever happens in the urban regions has implications for the rural areas and vice versa. Both sectors will never achieve an equal balance in development until the relationship between them is acknowledged. Equal attention needs to be given to both areas, and the advancement of one sector should not come at the expense of the other. Some of the key questions that I will attempt to answer in my paper surround the implications that urban-rural issues causes for a developing country. I plan to address how this relationship essentially affects all aspects of political and economical development and can contribute to a country’s economic stagnation or decline and political instability. Rural-urban relations are mostly considered in a social context, but I
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Termpaperproposal - Political Science Term Paper Prospectus...

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