Three Card Monte Trick

Three Card Monte Trick - Three Card Monte Trick Method...

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Three Card Monte Trick Method: There are only two moves you need to learn in order to perform the 3 card monte: The throw, and the bent corner move. The basic premise behind the "game" of three card monte is that you have three cards, for example, two black fours and a red ace. You shuffle the cards around on the table, and the "mark" or "sucker" tries to pick the odd card, in this case, the red ace. The sucker bets money on whatever card they think is the money card, they lose, and you take their money. Of course, being a magician, you take great pains to neither take their money nor make them feel stupid for failing to follow the red card. The first thing you need is a set of cards. I prefer for the two losing cards to be identical, for example, both the four of clubs. This prevents an astute spectator from noticing that you are showing him the same card twice at a certain point in the routine. Next, you need to bend the cards. They are bent lengthwise, so that the backs are convex. When resting on the table, the long edges should rest flat against the table, and the middle of the short edges are about half an inch above the table. You also want to prebend the outer right and inner left hand corners of all three cards. During the routine, you will bend the winning card in order to make it seem easier to follow. You later remove the bend from the winner and bend a loser. Having the corners prebent makes the bending easier and insures that the bends will look exactly the same in all three cards. I prefer to put both bends in while all three cards are still in a packet. The basic idea behind the throw is that you hold two cards in your right hand and one card in your left. You toss the lower right hand card onto the table, then the left hand card, and then the remaining right hand card. The thing is, when you are ready to spring the trap, instead of tossing the lower card, you toss the upper card first. To do the fair throw, pick up a loser between your right thumb and second finger, at the ends. Then pick up the winner, right below the loser, with the thumb and third finger. Make sure the left long edges of the two cards are touching. Pick up the other loser with your left hand between the thumb and
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second finger. Turn both hands palm up to show the cards. Turn the right hand palm down, as you move it to the left, and then stop it suddenly as you release the lower card with your right third finger. Now toss the left hand card far to the right of the winner that you just tossed down, and finally toss the remaining
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Three Card Monte Trick - Three Card Monte Trick Method...

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