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fina4315_Second_Formula_Sheet - Fixed Asset Turnover =...

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Balance Sheet Analysis Market to Book Ratio = Market Value of Equity/Book Value of Equity Debt-Equity Ratio = Total Debt/Total Equity Book Debt-to-Equity ratio = Total Debt/Book Value of Equity Market Debt-to-Equity ratio = Total Debt/Market Value of Equity Enterprise Value = Market Value of Equity + Debt -Cash Current ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities Quick Ratio = (Current Assets - Inventory)/Current Liabilities Earnings Per Share = Net Income/Shares Outstanding Income Statement Analysis Profitability Ratios Gross Margin = Gross Profit/Sales Operating Margin = Operating Income/Total Sales Net Profit Margin = Net Income/Total Sales Leverage Ratio Interest coverage ratio (TIE) = Operating Income/Interest Expense Investment Return Ratios Return on Equity = Net Income/Book Value of Equity Return on Assets = Net Income/Totals Assets Valuation Ration Price to earnings ratio = Share Price/Earnings per Share Efficiency and Working capital Ratios Asset Turnover = Sales/Total Assets
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Unformatted text preview: Fixed Asset Turnover = Sales/Fixed Assets Accounts Receivable Days = Accounts Receivable/Average Daily Sales Inventory turnover = Sales/Inventory Payout Ratio = Dividends/Net Income Diluted EPS = Net Income/(shares outstanding + employee shares) Coupon Payment(CPN) = [(Coupon Rate*Face Value)/Number of Payments per Year] Coupon Bond price (y is yield to maturity) = Yield to Maturity-Zero Coupon (n years) = [(Face Value)/Price] 1/n-1 Clean Price = Cash(dirty) – Accrued Interest Accrued Interest=(Coupon Amount)*[(Days since last coupon payment)/(days in current coupon period)] Expected stock return: Dividend Discount Model: Constant Dividend Growth Model: Future Dividends: Growth Rate: Discounted Free CF: Total Payout Model: P = PV(Future Total Dividends and Repurchases)/Shares Outstanding Forward P/E = P /EPS 1 = [(div 1 /EPS 1 )/(R e-g) = Dividend Payout Rate/(R e-g) (two asset portfolio variance) standard deviation (volatility): square root of variance...
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