marketing unethical business practice

marketing unethical business practice - like any other...

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Vrishank Jaiswal Rajway Saugat Veronica Castro Group # 2 Marketing 3318 Thursday October 14, 2010 Unethical Business Practice A company that I think that has unethical business practice is McDonalds. They promote their food knowing it is unhealthy for all people and especially kids. With that they add toys and kid’s meals to encourage kids to want these kid’s meals. America has the highest ratio of fast food chains to people in most large urban areas. This being said, Not only does America have a high amount of overweight adults but America is also getting a large amount of overweight children. McDonalds does not care about health but may promote certain “healthy” products to satisfy a portion of the consumers, but the fact is that they still promote their kids meals and horrifically unhealthy food. They are willing to risk obesity in America for large amounts of profit for the company. They will also keep their prices low enough that feeding a family of 4 would be cheaper eating at McDonalds rather than buying groceries and cooking. McDonalds,
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Unformatted text preview: like any other company, is here for more and more profit. It will never succumb to the pressure of a small amount of people to do some sort of preventive measures to help inform the customer how unhealthy the food is. They have done small things like putting nutritional info on the box and stating some “healthy” choices, but the fact they still promote their kid’s meals proves that it is a small gesture to satisfy a few people. McDonald’s will also do things like the monopoly game to intrigue adults and young adults into purchasing their product instead of a healthy alternative. If McDonalds were to be responsible they should remove toys from kid’s meals and not promote their unhealthy products, but rather promote the foods they have that would be healthy. McDonalds uses these marketing techniques to bring consumers to purchase their food and eventually become obese and that includes children....
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marketing unethical business practice - like any other...

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