FinalBCOM - Chapt 8 1. Caroline is writing a recommendation...

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Chapt 8 1. Caroline is writing a recommendation for one of her former employees. What is the best communication channel for Caroline to use to send this message to a potential employer? a. Write a business letter 2. Luke is writing a letter to a local company to ask about internship opportunities. What should he do first? a. Research the company 3. Jeremy is working on a business letter and is in the third phase of the 3-x-3 writing process. He has already revised his letter for clarity and has proofread the letter for correctness. What is left in this phase for Jeremy to do? a. There are 3 phases: a.i. Phase 1: Analysis, Anticipation, and Adaptation a.ii. Phase 2: Research, Organize, and Compose a.iii. Phase 3: Revise, Proofread, and Evaluate 4. Kathryn booked a hotel through a local travel agency. Her accommodations were not as the agent described. Although she stayed in the hotel, she was very unhappy and feels that the agent is at fault. The best way for Kathryn to communicate her unhappiness with the accommodations would be to? a. Business Letter stating the reason she was unhappy. She should not criticize them but she should ask that they comply with regular business standards a.i. Opening: Statement that announces the purpose immediately a.ii. Body: Details that explain the purpose a.iii. Closing: A Request for action or a courteous conclusion 5. You must ask a series of questions in a routine request letter. What is the best way to present these questions? a. Direct opening with a statement of purpose immediately 6. Tatiana is writing a letter to a local nonprofit agency and wants to make sure that the letter will build goodwill with the organization. What should Tatiana do to achieve a goodwill tone in her letter? a. Look for ways to present the message from the reader’s perspective (emphasize the “you” view and point out benefits). Be sensitive to words that might suggest gender, racial, age, or disability bias. Frame your ideas positively. 7. Which of the following statements best demonstrates a goodwill tone? a. We cannot sent your order until April 1 or We can send your order April 1 ? 8. Which statement about formatting business letters is most accurate? a. Business letters: a.i. Convey silent messages (appearance and form reflect the writer’s carefulness and experience) a.ii. Datelines, inside address, body and everything is flush left on the page a.iii. Centered and framed by white space (1-1.5inch margin) a.iv. Ragged right margins 9. Magdalena is writing a letter to a company to ask about its software for removing malware (malicious software) from her company’s network. Which is the best opening statement for her letter? a. Be polite and courteous. Example: Please answer the following questions about your software that removes malware or What software do you recommend for removing malware from networks? Ask open ended questions to get the most info possible.
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10. Which question will elicit the most information when asked in a letter requesting information and
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FinalBCOM - Chapt 8 1. Caroline is writing a recommendation...

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