Midterm - Chapter 1 1. Manuel needs to deliver a sensitive...

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Chapter 1 1. Manuel needs to deliver a sensitive message to a colleague and decides to deliver it face to face. Manuel is in the process of what? p13. a. Selecting a channel 2. While Morgan is speaking to her friend on her cell phone, static interferes with the call. This interruption in the transmission of the message is called what? p13 a. Noise 3. Lindsay has just received an e-mail message from a client and is reading it carefully to determine her client’s needs. She is involved in the _____ part of the communication process. p13 a. Decoding 4. Which of the following is an example of an internal disruption in the decoding process? p13 a. Internal disruptions a.i. Receiver’s lack of attention a.ii. Receiver’s bias against sender b. External disruptions b.i. Loud sounds b.ii. Illegible words c. Other c.i. Misunderstood words c.ii. Emotional reactions c.ii.1. Memo that refers to women as girls or chicks 5. As her supervisor explains the new procedure, Gina nods her head. Gina’s response is an example of what? p14 a. Feedback 6. Kathleen sends her résumé out to several companies. Unfortunately, it is poorly formatted and contains several typographical errors. What kinds of communication barrier will this cause? P14 a. Distractions 7. While conducting an orientation session for new employees, Dylan noticed looks of confusion on faces of some listeners. He then paused and asked his audience, “What questions do you have so far?” Dylan was striving to overcome communication barriers by doing what? P15 a. Asking questions to encourage feedback 8. Naoko has just moved to the United States and is taking a class to improve her English skills. What interpersonal communication barrier is she trying to overcome? P14 a. Lack of language skill 9. Which of the following is an example of external organizational communication? P15 a. Internal a.i. Issue and clarify procedures and policies a.ii. Inform management of progress a.iii. Develop new products and services a.iv. Persuade employees or management to make changes or improvements a.v. Coordinate activities a.vi. Evaluate and reward employees b. External b.i. Answering inquiries about products or services b.ii. Persuading customers to buy products or services b.iii. Clarifying supplier specifications b.iv. Issuing credit b.v. Collecting bills
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b.vi. Responding to government agencies b.vii. Promoting a positive image of the organization 10. Which of the following is an example of downward communication? P19 a. Job plans b. Policies c. Procedures Chapter 2 11. Abby knows that her soft skills will be evaluated during her job interview. Which of the following skills should she practice in order to prepare for her interview? P34 a. Oral and written communication b. Listening proficiency c. Nonverbal behavior d. Etiquette expertise e. Team player 12. Bruce is part of a team that is working to come up with a marketing plan for a new product. Team members are spread all over the country and don’t meet in person. Instead, they use communication technology that
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Midterm - Chapter 1 1. Manuel needs to deliver a sensitive...

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