22 AUG 11 POW - Sat 8/27 No BN Events Scheduled Sun 8/28 No...

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NAVAL BATTALION NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AUSTIN,TX 78712 CO: CAPT Dixon, USN BN CO: MIDN Goodrich BN OPS: MIDN Strain XO: CDR Neuenschwander, USN BN XO: MIDN McKinney BN ADJ: MIDN Shirley DATE TIME EVOLUTION LOCATION LEAD PERSONNEL UNIFORM Mon 8/22 0800 BN Staff Meeting SZB 546 BNCO BN Staff App. Civilian Tues 8/23 No BN Events Scheduled Wed 8/24 No BN Events Scheduled Thurs 8/25 0545 BN PT LBJ Library PTI All Hands Blue PT 0800 Drill SZB 104 BN Sgt Major All Hands Khakis 0930 Liberty Fri 8/26 No BN Events Scheduled
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Unformatted text preview: Sat 8/27 No BN Events Scheduled Sun 8/28 No BN Events Scheduled WATCHBILL MORNING COLORS EVENING COLORS OOD1 OOD2 Mon 8/22 Tues 8/23 Wed 8/24 Adams Alford Barone, Barton, Bridges Culpepper, DeFranco, Dinmore Thurs 8/25 Barone Barton Haglund, Fernandez, Garrett Harvey, Kelly, Lee Fri 8/26 Bridges Little, Lovos, Meyers MIDN 1/C Strain CAPT Dixon, USN Battalion Operations Officer Unit Commanding Officer PLAN OF THE WEEK (22AUG11-28AUG11)...
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