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NAVAL BATTALION NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS PLAN OF THE WEEK (29AUG11-04SEPT11) CO: CAPT Dixon, USN BN CO: MIDN Goodrich BN OPS: MIDN Strain XO: CDR Neuenschwander, USN BN XO: MIDN McKinney BN ADJ: MIDN Shirley DATE TIME EVOLUTION LOCATION LEAD PERSONNEL UNIFORM Mon 8/29 0700 BN Staff Meeting SZB 546 BNXO BN Staff Appropriate Civilian Tues 8/30 0545 PT - Muster UT Tower PTI All Hands Blue PT 0700 Secure PT 0800 Drill - Muster SZB 104 BN SgtMaj All Hands Khakis/Charlies 0805 Staff Introductions SZB 104 BNCO 0820 Awards Ceremony SZB 104 OPSO 0840 Ribbons Brief SZB 104 AOPSO 0900 Physical Fitness Brief SZB 104 PTI 0915 Liberty Wed 8/31 1400 Unit Staff Meeting SZB 563 CO Unit Staff Khakis/Charlies Thurs 9/1 0515 Initial CFT - Muster Camp Mabry Leatherneck PC Leatherneck Personnel Woodland Utilities 0545 Initial PRT - Muster Mike Meyers PTI Navy Personnel Yellow PT 0645 Secure CFT 0700 Secure PRT 0800 Drill - Muster SZB 104 BN SgtMaj All Hands Unit Polo 0805 Google Calendar Brief SZB 104 OPSO 0815 Drill Team Brief
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Unformatted text preview: SZB 104 AOPSO 0830 Mentor/Mentee Time SZB 104 ADJ 0830 Admin Time SZB 104 OPSO 0915 Liberty Fri 9/2 0545 Remedial PT LBJ PTI Req. Personnel Blue PT 2100 Soccer Stadium Clean Up Mike Meyers SUPPO Req. Personnel Casual Civilian Sat 9/3 TBA Bag Checks DKR SUPPO Req. Personnel Casual Civilian Sun 9/4 0800 Football Stadium Clean Up DKR SUPPO Group 1 Casual Civilian WATCHBILL MORNING COLORS EVENING COLORS OOD1 OOD2 Mon 8/29 Culpepper DeFranco Archila, Baugh, OC Phillips Tues 8/30 Dinmore Sgt Fernandez Beasley, Beck, SSgt Quintanilla Bermudez, Bridsall, Reyes Wed 8/31 Garrett GySgt Haglund Blackwell, Botsford, Tallant Boucher, Cates, Walker Thurs 9/1 Harvey Kelly Cerf, Fencher, OC Adams Hollingshead, Huebner, Alford Fri 9/2 Lee Ibarra, Jbeily, Barone MIDN 1/C Strain CDR Neuenschwander, USN Battalion Operations Officer Unit Executive Officer...
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