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revised Worksheet 1

revised Worksheet 1 - Worksheet 1 Calculations Significant...

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Worksheet 1 - Calculations Significant Figures - the number of significant figures (sig. fig.) is a measure of the degree of uncertainty in a measurement. There is experimental uncertainty in the last significant figure of a measurement. The rules for sig. fig. are given in Chapter 1.5. All non-zero numbers are significant. Zeros between numbers are significant. Zeros to the left of numbers are not significant. Zeros to the right of numbers may be significant (in presence of a decimal point). 1. Express each of the following numbers in scientific notation and decide the number of significant figures: Scientific notation sig.fig. 409.10 ______________ _____ 4091.00 ______________ _____ 0.004091 ______________ _____ 308,000 ______________ _____ 30,860. ______________ _____ 0.00056030 ______________ _____ Calculations with significant figures - In multiplication or division , the number of sig. fig. in the answer has only as many sig. fig. as the factor with the smallest number of sig. fig. which rounds to .0040 or 4.0 x 10 -3 (2 sig. fig.) In addition and subtraction , the answer should be reported to the same number of decimal places as the term with the least number of decimal places.
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