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Except where noted, please do your work in the accompanying test booklet. 1) Tape the accompanying dot array to the accompanying circle array so as to make a Σ = 13 coincidence site boundary. What angle does the dot array make with the circle array? 2) For each of the phase diagrams below, state at least one thing that you know about the elemental constituents that you cannot read directly from the phase diagram, and how you know your statement to be true. 3) A zinc sample is plastically cold worked and then cut into several pieces. Each piece is
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Unformatted text preview: then annealed at a different temperature. The following table shows two annealing temperatures and the times to recover 50% of the difference between the original yield stress and the cold-worked yield stress at those temperatures. Annealing Temperature (K) Time to recover 50% of yield stress diff. (s) 233 23,475 243 4774 Determine the temperature at which the cold worked material can be annealed so as to recover 50% of the difference between the original yield stress and the cold worked yield stress in 20 minutes...
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