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1) For each of the following crystal structures, sketch the first Brillouin zone. Label the reflecting planes. Recall the rules for Bragg diffraction listed in square brackets (a table of allowed reflections is given in Appendix C of Reed-Hill and Abbaschian). For each, calculate the fraction of states in the first zone that are filled when the Fermi surface (assume spherical) contacts the first Brillouin Zone. a) simple cubic [all reflections allowed] b) bcc [allowed reflections from planes where the sum h + k + l is even] c) fcc [allowed reflection from planes where h , k , and l are either all odd or all even] NOTE: For assistance understanding BZ’s go to (The latter includes a nice description of how 3-D band structures are represented in 2-D) 2) For each of the following alloys, state the factor (electrochemical, size, or electron
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