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MS&E 410/610 Problem set #4 Evaluations only: Points granted based 100% on participation. 1) Please take a copy of the current course outline and mark the different sections according to your prior familiarity with the material. The question is not ‘was that material presented in some class you took somewhere,’ rather it is a question of how well you understood it before this class. You may rank individual topic lines on the outline, or simply cluster groups that get the same ranking together. Please be clear about what parts are getting what ranking. Please rank according to the following scale: 1. completely new to me 2. mostly new, but I knew some of it 3. part was new, part I already knew 4. some parts were new, but I knew most of it already 5. I knew everything already 2) In this type of a class, one must decide between teaching fundamentals, which in principle allows students to solve and understand any new problem that comes along, and teaching applications, which can have two intended outcomes, depending on the students’
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Unformatted text preview: grasp of the fundamentals. If you already know the fundamentals, a survey of applications allows you to apply what you know to real world situations. If you don’t already know the fundamentals, knowing the applications allows you to work in different industries with good familiarity with the issues. Please indicate what you would choose for yourself for a class like this from the following (mark one, or indicate your answer on the outline). 1. focus on fundamentals 2. mostly fundamentals, but some applications (as motivation) 3. mix of fundamentals and applications 4. mostly applications, with some fundamentals (as explanation) 5. focus on applications 3) Please fill out the online course evaluation (keep in mind this is a new, elective course intended to be taken by seniors and graduate students who may have lots of materials science background, or who may have little materials science background). Your comments appreciated....
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