Syllabus Biology 2F03 Fall 2011

Syllabus Biology 2F03 Fall 2011 - BIOLOGY 2F03 Fundamental...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY 2F03 Fundamental and Applied Ecology Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Lyndsay Cartwright (LS 223) [email protected] Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-Noon, or by appointment. Course Coordinator: Mr. Marvin Gunderman (LS 116) [email protected] Instructor Contact: For all lab section changes, permission for missing coursework/midterms due to illness or compassionate reasons, contact Mr. Gunderman via email. Calendar Description: An introduction to fundamental ecological principles and illustration of these are applied to current environmental problems at the level of organisms, populations and ecosystems. Course Objective: Understand basic ecological concepts and current problems in biodiversity loss, explore reasons that threaten biodiversity in Canada and in the world, and become familiar with possible solutions; develop effective communication skills by leading small-group discussions. Required Resources: “Ecology: A Canadian Context” by Freedman et al. (2011) and course DVD available at Titles Bookstore. Lectures: Monday, Thursday 12:30-13:20 BSB/147 Tuesday 13:30-14:20 BSB/147 Labs: Bi-weekly 3-h Field Trip or Lab Discussions. Optional weekend field trip to Ruthven Bird Banding Station for a limited number of students (modest fee). Grading Scheme: Participation 10% (7% in-lab, 3% in-lecture) Leading lab discussions 15% Assignments 15% Midterm test 25% Cumulative Final Exam 35% Any missed components (including assignments, group presentations, discussions, midterms) will be put towards the cumulative final exam. There will not be any deferred midterms or presentations. midterms or presentations....
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Syllabus Biology 2F03 Fall 2011 - BIOLOGY 2F03 Fundamental...

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