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Unformatted text preview: Bio2B03 2011‐2012 Bio2B03 Essay Guidelines ‐ summary Abstract: well organized concise summarizes all major points Introduction: describe the disease or syndrome and the symptoms describe the GPCR involved or implicated and the ligand (even if one has not been identified) Body of the essay: discuss the changes in GPCR/ligand that leads to the disease or syndrome discuss the signaling pathway (normal) and the effects due to the disease or syndrome discuss current medical treatments, in particular those that target the GPCR (or ligand) Conclusion: flows well from discussion sums up main points of discussion brings paper to a logical end no loose ends or questions Page limit of 6 pages not including title page and references You may use subheadings, you may include one or two figures embedded in the text. References must be both in the text and a reference list at the end. ...
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