BIRTH - Types of Birth Control Contraceptives Block the...

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Types of Birth Control Contraceptives Block the conception of a fetus These types of birth control keep the sperm and egg from uniting e.g. condoms, progesterone injections Contragestational agents In these types of barriers, contraception has occurred but we wish to prevent gestation. Gestation is the growth of the fetus that is initiated by binding to the uterine wall. These agents prevent the fertilized egg from implanting e.g. Morning after pills, Intrauterine devices (IUD) Abortifacients Cause termination of an established pregnancy e.g. anti-progesterone agents (contracts uterus) Attacking the Sperm Inhibit transport of viable sperm: Vasectomy Deposit of sperm in vagina: Condom/Withrawal Survival of sperm in vagina: Spermicides Movement of sperm in the uterine tubes: Cervical cap, diaphragm Attacking the Egg Production of Oocytes: Oral contraceptives Ovulation: Oral contraceptives Movement of oocytes to uterine tube: Tubal ligation (cutting the uterine tube) Attacking the Egg + Sperm Fertilization of oocyte with sperm: Morning after pills Implantation of oocyte: MAP, OCs, IUDs -> Endometrium state is interrupted Growth of the fetus: Surgical abortions or medical abortions (Abortifacients) The readiness of the endometrium has a significant effect on the probability of pregnancy The endometrium goes through three phases: Proliferative, Secretory, Menstrual When the egg reaches the endometrium, it should be during the Secretory phase in order for implantation to occur. If the endometrium is in the Menstrual phase, the egg releasing HCG (human
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BIRTH - Types of Birth Control Contraceptives Block the...

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