special senses - lobe Olfactory cortex is involved in...

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The Special   Senses Olfaction (pg 510) Sense of smell  in response of odors in olfactory region Olfactory Epithelium and Bulb Olfactory neurons in epithelium  are bipolar neurons (distal  ends: enlarged olfactory vesicles, w/ long cilia) Cilia: have receptors that correspond to dissolved  substances (approx. 1000 odorant receptors) Receptors activate a G protein complex which opens ions  channels These neurons have very low threshold and adapt  rapidly Neuronal pathways for Olfaction Axons from olfactory neurons extend as olfactory nerves  to the olfactory bulb, where they synapse with mitral  and tufted cells. Axons from these cells form olfactory tracts  Olfactory tracts synapse w/ granule cells Olfactory bulb neurons can modulate output to olfactory  tracts Olfactory tracts terminate on the olfactory cortex of the  temporal lobeor secondary olfactory areas of frontal 
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Unformatted text preview: lobe Olfactory cortex is involved in conscious perception of smell, intermediate olfactory with modulating smell, the medial olfactory area with visceral and emotional responses to smell Taste Associated with vallate, foliate and fungiform papillae Filiform papillae do not have taste buds Histology of Taste Buds o Buds consist of basal, supporting and taste cells o Taste cell have taste cells that extend into taste pores Function of taste: The Special Senses o Receptors on taste hair detect dissolved substances o 5 types of taste: salty, sour, bitter, umami Neuronal pathways for taste o Facial nerve carries taste sensations from the anterior 2/3 of tongue o Glosspharyngeal nerve from posterior 1/3 of tongue o Vagus nerve from epiglottis o Neural pathways for taste extend from medulla oblongata to thalamus to cerebral cortex...
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special senses - lobe Olfactory cortex is involved in...

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