11-29 lecture notes - nMr-absorption of some radiofrequency...

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nMr-absorption of some radiofrequency by nuclei which gives a change of energy. Gives a detectable signal and once you get your spectra u can determine the… Any atom with an odd mass number and odd atomic number or both. Proton nmr How this begins to work is that all nuclei have a quantum spin #, I, and with that # you can have a number of states which is 2i+1. Proton nmr has I of ½ so can have 2 spin states. Plus ½ and minus ½. With these states there are magnetic moments associated with the spin states and all on their own these are random. P0 external magnetic field that the spin aligns to or opposes. Can draw some aligned and some disaligned. The aligned are lower in energy. In nmr there are these molcs with random spin and an applied field and with electromagnetic radiation it causes a spin flip. It absorbs energy and then flips, requires quantized, descrete amt. of energy that can be measured. Can take any sample of organic material subject it to energy have radio waves, excited nuclei, energy measured when relaxed gives the signal which is measured, and structure can be measured. Nmr is used to determine structures and in MRI’s it is the same thing. Mri images soft
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11-29 lecture notes - nMr-absorption of some radiofrequency...

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