12-1 lecture notes

12-1 lecture notes - Cumulative final A focus on the new...

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Cumulative final. A focus on the new stuff but not majority. There will be a checklist. They include the first 3, then there’ll be one for the new material Review stuff from Monday Use duterium solvent cuz it doesn’t show up in nmr. Each resonsance corresponds to a type of proton. So lets refresh in recognizing equivalent protons. How many sets of protons do we have here. Like on the hw your asked to use abc convention. D is next to methyl, E is one away, so there are 6 sets of signals. Student: how away should you look, look like you do with chiral center. If it was symmetrical, you have some equivalent ones. Lets look at another one. Let’s lable, one is cis and one is back so do you think they’ll still be the same? No they are different. 6 sets of protons, this brings us to the point of topisity, based on the chemical environment they’re equivalent or not, they’re actually diasteriotopic-an atom or group of atoms bonded to an atom bearing two non identical groups one which is a chiral center is diasteriotopic if when replaced by anything “X” a diateriomer
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12-1 lecture notes - Cumulative final A focus on the new...

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