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chicano movement - Patrick Kennedy Latino History May 1,...

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Patrick Kennedy Latino History May 1, 2007 Chicano Power Movement In the 1960’s, a power movement occurred unlike any other before its time. The power movement was the Chicano power movement. It was led by young people, who were, mostly students that became sick of hearing speeches that stressed patriotism when they were being discriminated against by the entire country. The young people of the movement did not want to conform to the normal American and loose all of their cultural values and identity, they wanted to institute a uniqueness of their own and fight for the civil rights of their people. The Chicano movement was a drastic change from past generations of Mexican American activists. The new Chicano movement was much more vocal of their discontent and led very public demonstrations. The older generation of activists disliked protests and wanted merely to get along with the mainstream society. They wanted to associate themselves with their Anglo background of Spanish decent. The Chicano movement on the other hand, wanted to identify more with their indigenous heritage of Native Americans. This difference divided the older and younger generations of Mexican Americans. The older generation of Mexican Americans saw the U.S. as democratic,
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chicano movement - Patrick Kennedy Latino History May 1,...

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