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1.History - Lecture 1 Great American Novelist Franzen I...

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Lecture 1 Great American Novelist- Franzen “I want to bring pleasure with everything I write, intellectual pleasure, emotional pleasure, linguistic pleasure, aesthetic pleasure.” Some novels concentrate on a few of these characteristics. The rare novel gives us all of these at the same time. Murakami and Tomine: “Town of Cats” Murakami on math and literature: “While math was like a magnificent imaginary building for tengo, literature was a vast magical forest. Math stretched infinitely upward toward the heavens, but stories spread out before him, their study roots stretching deep into the earth……..” The aesthetic-social bind for minority writers To create “pleasure,” to engage with a “problem” At the same time, they are writing against stereotype and history, How do they balance dual demands? Lecture Major Historical Moments Asian American divided into two parts: In the pre- 1865 period, distinct groups were subjected to exclusionary laws that
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  • Fall '08
  • Ethnic group, Immigration Act of 1924, History of immigration to the United States, United States federal immigration and nationality legislation

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