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Am Characters - -Helen Women who entices men in order to...

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--Helen Women who entices men in order to destroy them. Very anti-unionistic. In a moment of rage Bulosan hits her and knocks her teeth out when she speeks against Filipinos --Alice and Eileen Carlos sexualizes both of the sisters. They take care of Carlos and bring him books when he is ill. Carlos Carlos is called Allos by his family and friends in the Philippines. He is the main character of the book. He describes his early life in the Philippines, where children are put to work as soon as they can. He does what he can to help his family survive. He lives and works on the farm with his father while his mother lives in the town with his older brother and sister. When he leaves the farm he helps his mother in her trading business, traveling from town to town selling what they can. At the age of thirteen he leaves for the town of Baguio where he works as a houseboy for two years. He returns to Binalonan to help out the family then spends a year in Lingayen with a cousin who is attending school. He returns to say goodbye to his family and then leaves for America. Carlos arrives in America and, unable to pay the hotel bill, is sold to a contractor and spends the season working at a fish cannery in Alaska. When he returns to the mainland, he begins to roam the western part of the country, going from one crop- picking job to another. Eventually, he and some of the people he meets become active in the labor movement. He wants to improve the living and working conditions of Filipinos. In the middle of his involvement with the labor movement, he is hospitalized for two years with tuberculosis. When Carlos comes out of the hospital, he and others form a committee concerned with gaining rights and improving living conditions for Filipinos. Their organization promotes citizenship for Filipinos. A bill is presented in Congress for this purpose but is killed by anti-Filipino interests. When the Philippines is attacked, the Filipino organization starts to push for Filipinos to be allowed to serve in the armed forces. The president signs a special proclamation allowing them to do so. This is their first major victory. Carlos Bulosan is a poet. After he learns English, he tries his hand at different kinds of writing. He writes articles for the Filipino newspaper during the labor movement and during the movement for Filipino citizenship. He writes most of his poetry after he is out of the hospital. His first book of poetry, Letter from America, is published shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Father
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"The father" refers to Carlos' father. His name is never given throughout the book. The father is a typical hardworking Filipino peasant. He owns four hectares of land that supports the family until he starts to sell it to a moneylender in order to pay for Macario's school expenses. He works anyway he can to provide for his family. Autilia Sampayan
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Am Characters - -Helen Women who entices men in order to...

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