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Guobao Dong AsAM 5 Midterm C-R Practice Oct 17, 2011 1. No-No boy by John Okada 2. It’s Ichiro’s feeling about his decision that he didn’t join the army because his family. However, he feel that he belong to nowhere. He should flight for American because he born on here, but his family try to convince him that he is a Japanese. He is so so confuse. He just hit by some his brother’s friend. He felt his brother is not his real brother. 3. The passage show a feeling that Japanese American has a painful moment after Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor. It’s not just the feeling about the Ichiro, it’s should connect to a more serious question. What is American and what is Japanese. For many Japanese Americans, they have the same question. What are they, Japanese or American? Their parents came from Japanese because of many reasons, and they believe they are Japanese, they believe they would go back
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Unformatted text preview: Japan in the future. But these Japanese American are born in American and educated as a American. They feel they are American. The war let many Young Japanese Americans face this problem. Not only Japanese, but also immigrants from other countries has the same problem 4. This is passage happen when there is an angel and a devil is fighting in his mind. On one side, he believes he is American. On another side, his family cannot accept he is an American, his family believes they are all Japanese. This passage show that Ichiro believe he is an American, he start to regret his choose to not join the army. He think, Why is it then that I am unable to convince myself that I am not different from any other American.(82) In this sentence, it shows he believe himself as American, he is not different from any other people in American....
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