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No Characters - Ichiro Yamada Ichiro is a twenty-five...

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Ichiro Yamada Ichiro is a twenty-five year-old Japanese man recently released from prison camp and jail for refusing to join the U. S. Army, thus, his designation as a "No-no Boy." He is bitter about his time in jail because he earned it defying a judge who refused to allow his parents to remain in the same relocation camp, yet he does not feel his parents understand what he has gone through, nor have they done anything expand their experiences outside the small Japanese neighborhood where their store is located. Ichiro feels that his life has been ruined as a result of his inability to function as either Japanese or American. Ichiro's Mother Ichiro's mother is a skinny lady with the body of a thirteen-year-old and powerful but wiry arms. She has always been true to ancient Japanese customs and told Ichiro stories about gallant and fierce warriors, the pride of the Japanese people, and their fables and fantasies. She is a determined person, set in her ways, and defies any attempt to change her identity or her daily routine. As time progresses, she loses the ability to control her depression brought on by her dawning understanding that Japan has not won the war and she will not be returning to Japan. Ichiro's Father Ichiro's father is a short, round bald man with little aggression. He brought his family to the United States thirty-five years before, but none of them has learned English fully and they still maintain the ways of Japan. He never intended to stay in America, and still wants to believe they will go home to Japan very soon. Taro
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No Characters - Ichiro Yamada Ichiro is a twenty-five...

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