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No Concepts - -Redemption in Last Scene Reconstituting the self or the sources of Ichiro s redemption Kenji Ichiro-Refused to go to

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Modernism -in reaction of war -fluidity of consciousness -the divided self -notion of Implosion Characterizing modernism -the concept of artist as hero -A logical structure -Verbal ambiguity and complexity -The fluidity of consciousness -the use of myth as organizing structure -the divided self -the alienated self in the urban world Diagnosing the wasteland -Splits/implosions -minorities in America -the family -the self -emasculation Sources of redemption -Kenji and Emi -Mr. Carrick and the idea of America
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Unformatted text preview: -Redemption in Last Scene Reconstituting the self, or the sources of Ichiro s redemption: Kenji Ichiro-Refused to go to war-Uncomfortable in the world-Emotional damage-head hung low-Broken, unassimilated family Kenji-went to war-at ease in the world-physical damage-head hung high-thriving, assimilated family intact Sources of redemption: Emi as Earth Mother-The opposite of Ichiro s mother-Does not judge-Provides hope and straight talk-Framed by nature...
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