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History Notes - Spike Eckert was born on January 20, 1909,...

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Spike Eckert was born on January 20, 1909, and started serving as the Commissioner of Major League Baseball on November 17, 1965. Three years later his reign as commissioner ended. Perhaps one of the most effective, yet forgettable commissioners, William D. Eckert, was a military man who was able to use his officer's background as the key to a successful and organized tenure. After graduating from the United States Military Academy in June of 1930, Eckert attended both the Air Corps Flying Schools and Kelly Fields in San Antonio, Texas. He later graduated in October, 1931. Seven years later, he was honorably selected as one of only two officers for the advanced education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. Continuing to excel, he received his Master's Degree in June of 1940. At the age of forty-eight, he was commissioned as a full-rank Lieutenant General, making him the youngest three-star officer in the United States Armed Forces. He continued his work in the military until his retirement in 1961 when he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for an outstanding career in the Air Force. Following Ford Frick's retirement from Major League Baseball, more than one-hundred fifty candidates appeared on the original list of replacement nominees. Not surprisingly, Eckert stood above them all. Despite having no mention in the media, he was elected baseball's fourth Commissioner on November 17, 1965, by a unanimous vote of all
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History Notes - Spike Eckert was born on January 20, 1909,...

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