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project ideas - focus on its specific relationship with its...

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  Sara Vidovic UCBG Decal Project Ideas 1) How do plants sense low oxygen levels to survive flooding and how did this trait evolve  over time?  a. I feel that this would be an important question in general because many countries,  especially those in the third world have become victims of flooding making flood  tolerance and important trait for food security. When crops are starved of oxygen,  they cannot survive a flood very long and this leads to low yield for farmers.  2) What makes red wine healthy? What makes it unhealthy? Why is it only healthy in  moderation? What variety, climate, region, soil and environment promote growth of the  most optimum grapes for wine? 3) How has the mutualistic relationship between rhizobia and certain legumes evolved. For  this one I would choose a specific legume or plant with a symbiotic relationship and 
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Unformatted text preview: focus on its specific relationship with its corresponding bacteria or fungi. a. By doing this project I would not only explore the garden and choose a plant that would most interest me but also incorporate Tony’s lectures regarding coevolution, convergent evolution, and divergent evolution as well as mutualistic relationships. 4) How has corn smut developed/evolved and how does it affect corn? (i.e. what kind of relationship exists between the fungus and the corn crop itself?) What are the positive and negative affects of corn smut? Production wise, could the pros outweigh the cons? What about health wise? a. Corn smut is a pathogenic fungus that causes disease on maize. Although it decreases yield for farmers, it is also commonly eaten in several countries where it is prevalent like Mexico....
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project ideas - focus on its specific relationship with its...

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