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Sara Vidovic Introduction to Development Professor Watts August 30, 2011 Section Requirements 1 1) What are the defining characteristics – for you - of those nation-states that are conventionally referred to as ‘developing’, ‘poor’ or ‘less developed’ ? I associate high birthrate, large families, rural areas, a lack of family planning centers, and disease with developing countries. Generally developing countries differ from poor countries in my eyes because I see developing countries as having their own way of life that is just behind that of developed countries with more premature, or what Collier called “14 th century problems” mixed in while poor countries are barely getting by or even declining economically or politically. Furthermore, I associate poorer countries with political turmoil or ineffective governments much like how Somalia has long had an ineffective government since even before the famine due to several factors, one being Islamist group Al-Shabab’s attempts at overthrowing the “government currently in place. Because there is political turmoil and hence no effective way of instituting adequate control over the masses, it is not very surprising that several poor
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section1 - Sara Vidovic Introduction to Development...

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