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Lab 10c Seed Germination Conclusion The purpose of this lab was to determine the germination rate of Brassica rapa seeds in comparison to seeds of other plants, in this case, lettuce and mustard. Brassica rapa has been bred for fast germination, growth, and seed germination. In contrast, the lettuce and mustard seeds have not been previously altered or manipulated in any way. In this lab, each student received 2 Brassica rapa seeds, 1 lettuce, and 1 mustard seed, and was to grow them in a plastic chamber atop two or three synthetic cotton balls, gauze and a paper towel for 7 days while recording root length every 12 hours. Then every student was to bring his or her data to class to take the average root length and germination rate of each seed. Personally, I observed that my lettuce seed did not germinate at all, while my mustard started germinated after 36 hours and reached a maximum of 70 millimeters and one Brassica rapa seed started germinating at about 24 hours to about 45 millimeters. The other Brassica rapa seed however did not start germinating until 120 hours, and the
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