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plantdataanalysis - through it’s delayed growth This...

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Because seeds have evolved to grow in unique environments, structure seed and plant structure have changed over time to optimize growth. Hence, certain characteristics can be advantageous in certain conditions, while disadvantageous in other conditions. For instance, under stressful conditions, perhaps during a storm or heavy wind or even times of drought, bigger seeds would be desirable, for they would be more able to stay in one place in the soil due to a high density and would last longer. However, in desirable conditions with ample sunlight and water and healthy soil, smaller seeds would be more efficient because they have a higher surface-area-to-volume-ratio and so osmosis, or transport of water, to/through seed is more efficient than in a bigger seed. More endosperm would be advantageous in plants that grow slowly or are in stressed conditions because there would be more nutrient to support the plant
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Unformatted text preview: through it’s delayed growth. This could also be another reason why seeds usually grown in stressful conditions are big; to hold more endosperm than smaller seeds. Thus, smaller seeds probably germinate and vegetate faster than do plants from bigger seeds, because there is less endosperm to depend on during early stages of life. Fast growth is more desirable where conditions are desirable with ample water and solar energy. Thick seed coats are most helpful in places with a lot of animals or other things that can penetrate the seed or with nutrient poor soil while thinner seed coats are more beneficial in places with nutrient rich soil and fewer dangers to seed so that it can get it’s nutrients fast and efficiently. Seeds can be distributed by birds, wind, insects, or by animals who eat the fruit and let out the seeds as feces....
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