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3520 Outline: 1/7/10 1-6 School of Administrative Studies Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies AN OVERVIEW OF CANADIAN INCOME TAXATION AP/ADMS 3520.03 COURSE OUTLINE FOR ALL SECTIONS W INTER 2009 1 Course Overview The course offers an overview of the taxation of personal and corporate incomes of Canadian taxpayers. The course serves as a prerequisite for AP/ADMS 4561 and 4562. Section N – SLH B, Wed. 2:30-5:30 pm Professor Thaddeus Hwong, Course Director Tax area coordinator, School of Administrative Studies Email: [email protected] Section M, Internet Section O, ACE 011, Tue. 7-10 pm Ms. Seema Agarwal, Course Director Email: [email protected] Tax Area Administration Ms. Cynthia Shea, Tax Area Assistant Atkinson 282 Email: [email protected] The course is designed to prepare students to tackle materials in AP/ADMS 4561 and 4562. To advance to take 4561 and/or 4562, honours students and non-degree students are required to pass 3520 and all other students are required to receive a course grade of at least C+. No prerequisite is required for AP/ADMS 3520. Students will not receive any credits for 3520 if you take 3520 after taking 4561 or 4562. If students do the work required for the course, more likely or not on the balance of probabilities students will earn the grades they want. Students are expected to take full responsibilities for studying and keeping up with the pace of the course. No special consideration will be given to students who do not get the grades they want due to reasons that are not required to be considered by university rules. Students who do not get the grades they want from 3520 do not need to be discouraged and give up easily. They can attempt the course for a second time as Thaddeus Hwong [[email protected]]
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3520 Outline: 1/7/10 2-6 the course is offered in summer, fall and winter each academic year. Working hard according to course instructions will often get the desired results. 2 Learning Outcomes An introduction to the fundamentals of Canadian tax law, the course provides an understanding of the conceptual framework of income tax law in order to understand its purpose, structure, and effects. The course introduces students to the technical rules in the Income Tax Act that defines the tax system – the tax base, the accounting period, the rate structure, the tax filing unit and the administrative apparatus – and tax expenditures, which are indirect spending programs. The course also highlights the importance of examining the determinants of policy making and different perspectives on tax law including class, gender and race. The statutory skills in reading the Income Tax Act are introduced. Moreover, students learn basic tax law and policy research so they can keep pace with changes in the law. This course is designed to facilitate students to achieve the following learning
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3520-09-w-outline-3.0 - 3520 Outline 1-6 School of...

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