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Know your audience - Knowing Your Audience and Setting the...

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Knowing Your Audience and Setting the Tone in Business Writing By Kristine Ouzts How you write for business is primarily affected by two things: The purpose for your message and your audience (who you are writing to). If you are not clear in your purpose or don’t know your audience it will cause your reader to ignore, delete or overreact to your message. This article discusses critical information that will help you know your audience and set the right tone that will make the purpose clear in your written communication. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE In business your audience may be one person or a large group of employees, shareholders, customers or vendors. When you think about your audience write as if you are writing to one person . Create a fictitious customer, shareholder or vendor. Give them a name or even better give them your mother’s name. No matter how well you know (or don’t know) your audience , be respectful and kind. There are times when you are certain your audience does not care, is disrespectful, misinformed or even illiterate. Set your personally feels aside and always believe your audience is intelligent and has a reason for reading your message.
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