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History assignement#2 H. Yoo

History assignement#2 H. Yoo - Haechan Yoo 1 Thucydides Why...

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Haechan Yoo 1. Thucydides. Why, according to Pericles, is Athens/Athenians great? They built the city-state’s empire abroad and they strengthened democracy. For example, in the text Pericles gives out a speech saying, “Our institutions do not emulate the laws of others. We do not copy our neighbors: rather, we are an example to them. Our system is called a democracy, for it respects the majority and not the few; but while the law secures equality to all alike in their private disputes, the claim of excellence is also recognized; and when a citizen is in any way distinguished, he is generally preferred to the public service, not in rotation, but for merit.” Also, they were well known for their strong military, Pericles also says, “Then, again, in military training we are superior to our adversaries, as I shall show. Our city is throw open to the world, and we never expel a foreigner or prevent him from seeing or learning anything which, if not concealed, it might profit an enemy to see. We rely not so much upon preparations or stratagems, as upon our own courage
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