Hum 121 Epic of Gilgamesh

Hum 121 Epic of Gilgamesh - Yoo H. Yoo Kurt Pond HUM...

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Yoo H. Yoo Kurt Pond HUM 121-40A September 27, 2010 Epic of Gilgamesh Seeking for Afterlife What is death? Can we avoid death? Death is a thing that we can’t avoid from our lives, and only way to overcome death is to accept it. Gilgamesh is a hero that appears in an ancient myth, ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’. He was afraid of death, so he goes on a journey seeking the eternal life. In the beginning of ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ Gilgamesh character was of no other man, even though he was two - third god and one – third man. First, he was created by the Gods of a perfect body being of beauty, courage, wise, in addition arrogant to be the king and rule the Uruk. Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, had no boundaries; he was raping any women, whether they were the wife of one of his soldiers or the daughter of a nobleman. During Gilgamesh reign as a King, Gods decided to keep in check on him by sending a strong warrior named Enkidu, one whom is strong as a star from heaven. Gilgamesh sent a woman to seduce Enkidu and bring him to Uruk. Challenged by Enkidu, Gilgamesh overpowered him and seized again dominance of all and gaining friendship of Enkidu. Other than the Gods, Gilgamesh had built friendship and love for Enkidu. Because of the giant in the forest, Gilgamesh decided that he and Enkidu could defeat this ferocious giant named Humbaba, so they set off on a journey together knowing that there is a possibility of no return. Gilgamesh continued to ask the Gods for strength and help him with the obstacles that came before him. Gilgamesh stood brave and defeated the giant with his axe and both he and Enkidu returned to Uruk. After the death of Humbaba the gods meet up and agree that either one should be punished for their sin. So, they come inside Enkidu’s dream and tell him that he is going to die. Enkidu suffers from lot of pain and finally dies. After the death of Enkidu, Gilgamesh began to mourn for his dear friend Enkidu. After seeing his friend’s death, he realizes and
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Yoo began to be afraid his own death. So, he hears the man named Utnapishtim, whom survived
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Hum 121 Epic of Gilgamesh - Yoo H. Yoo Kurt Pond HUM...

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