Hum121 odysseus aeneas

Hum121 odysseus aeneas - Yoo H Yoo Kurt Pond HUM 121-40A...

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Yoo H. Yoo Kurt Pond HUM 121-40A October 19, 2010 Comparison of Odysseus and Aeneas Odysseus VS Aeneas Every human being lives their life by setting a goal. However, while we are trying to accomplish our goals, there are many obstacles that we have to go through, but Hannah Moore said “ Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. ” It wasn’t an exception for the two heroes, Odysseus and Aeneas. Odysseus is a hero that appears in a story of ‘The Odyssey’; Odysseus is a king of Ithaca, he fought with other Greek heroes in Trojan War. ‘The Odyssey’ tells the adventure of Odysseus’ journey, returning back home from the Trojan War. On his way home he lands in an island, Ogygia, where the nymph Calypso stays. However, Calypso falls in love with Odysseus, and imprisons Odysseus. He had no ship or crew to help him out to escape. So, Zeus sends Hermes to rescue Odysseus from the island Ogygia. On his way out of the island he meets Cyclops Polyphemus. Odysseus blinds him and runs away, however, Poseidon, the god of the ocean also Cyclops’ father finds out what Odysseus did to his son. He makes the journey harder for Odysseus. However, Athena saves Odysseus from Poseidon; during his journey he meets the witch-goddess Circe and falls in love with her. After, he arrives in the underworld and escapes back. He arrives in Ithaca and finds out there were couple opponent groups who were trying to betray them; he kills the suitors and reorganizes his kingdom. Aeneas is a Trojan who survived from the Trojan War, in “The Aeneid” tells the adventure of Aeneas finding a new home for his Trojan people. Aeneas, after the Trojan War, flees with the other survivors from Troy. On their journey, a storm hits them so they land in Carthage. In Carthage, there’s a queen name Dido, who falls in love with Aeneas. They live together for a while, until the gods tell Aeneas what he has to do, which is founding a new city for his people. So he realizes his duty and tries to leave Dido, and after Dido finding the
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Yoo truth that Aeneas was leaving her, she kills herself with Aeneas’ sword. Aeneas descends into the underworld, and sees the future history of Rome and understands his mission; he returns back from the underworld and arrives in Italy. He meets the King Latinus; he tries to hook Aeneas up with his daughter Lavinia. However, his wife and Turnus, who is supposed to
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Hum121 odysseus aeneas - Yoo H Yoo Kurt Pond HUM 121-40A...

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