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H. Yoo Laurie Lynch Class Journals Theater 115-001 -Jan 19, 2011 It is first day of class. So this is my third semester with Laurie and I promised everyone that I won’t miss any classes. But she gave us the syllabus and after going over the syllabus this class will be tough! Tougher then I thought, wonder if I can do it…. . -Jan 24, 2011 Wow first lecture throughout during whole three semesters. I hate lecture, but Laurie promised that this would be our last lecture, so hopefully crossing my fingers on that. However, the lecture was pretty interesting though. How the acting have six different viewpoints; space, shape, time, emotion, movement, and story, it all make sense after listening to the lecture when you think about. -Jan 26, 2011 As always, wished not to do this flocking, but we are doing it again. Sometimes I kinda do get the purpose, but most of the time while I am doing it I just don’t know why we are doing this all the time. So we do some warm ups and I am so used to this warm up, but the new classmates are little struggling. I have a smile on my face don’t know why…. -Jan 31, 2011 I guess we have to come up with our own solo pieces for three minutes. Using our own imagination we have to come up with a scene or a moment by using an object for not that
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purpose. It’s going to be hard to come up with one since it’s a three minute piece. -Feb 2, 2011 Another flocking in class, but this time I am a little bit realizing that this is good for like a team work. Also, after that coming through my mind, I wonder if we have to do this every single time when we are working with different groups. For instance, after we graduate and we go do a play with different crews, do we have to do this with those crews every time for our team work? -Feb 7, 2011 So we are doing movements using space, time, and shapes. I don’t think I really got it but I was mocking what others were doing. Laurie was keep saying to us if you are in the front spot just take the leader, but I really didn’t want to so I did stepped back several times. Some of my classmates were taking the lead and it was a little hard to follow. -Feb 9, 2011 Weather was too freezing outside today. Don’t even feel like going outside and moving around. But the worse thing is that even though I am at home it’s still freezing since I don’t turn on the heater on. These type of weather just unmotivated me in so many ways. -Feb 16, 2011
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journal - H Yoo Laurie Lynch Class Journals Theater 115-001...

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