soc1 - 3 Interactionist is a small group of people that...

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Haechan Yoo Roger Carver Sociology 101 Chapter 1 Essay * Summarize the basic focus and main points of each of the three main modern theories/perspectives/ paradigms of sociology (from the text and discussion in class). Theories/perspectives/paradigms of sociology, all reflects social change, which we have defined as significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and culture. It also focuses on social relationships, how those relationships influence people’s behavior; and how societies, the sum total of those relationships develop and change. It’s all coinciding with ideals generated to look from another perspective. * Compare and contrast the three theories and explain their points of agreement and difference. 1. Functionalist is related to people that are stable, well integrated, and able to perform in a functional society. (MACRO) 2. Conflict is totally the opposite. Consisting if people that are characterized by tension, struggle but leans toward power. (MACRO)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Interactionist is a small group of people that integrate socially well with others. More like those whom seems to adapt to any environment. (MICRO) * Why do we need three theories in sociology? We need them because societies have many functions that make it whole, such as government laws, religious, and education. Without them there would be no civilization, such as; social structure. (Different ways of looking at human behaviors.) a) Explain the main ideas and conceptual models introduced by Emile Durkheim that contributed to sociological theory: Durkheim contributions to sociology involve his theoretical work on suicide. He believed that workers lead themselves to what he called “anomie”. This is where an individual loses his or herself with society and later is ineffective by behavior, leading to taking their own lives. Individuals whom, alienate themselves by closing off to others in society. In addition, not wanting to cope with change...
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soc1 - 3 Interactionist is a small group of people that...

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