soc4 - construction of identity Use at least one theorist...

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Haechan Yoo Roger Carver Sociology 101 Chapter 4 Essay Define socialization and explain the two main levels of external socialization and use examples. In addition to the external processes of socialization, an internal process occurs; explain this internal socialization process and use detailed examples. Socialization is the process in which humans learn the attitudes, values, and behaviors of a particular culture. It is also a Lifelong moral of interaction. Views from two different perspectives which are micro-family, friends, and peers- and macro-religion, politics, and education- External is experienced through life experience. For example, a child may grow up to behave like his or her peers or someone who may have an influence on their life. Internal is when an individual gain within genes A baby would be more comfortable with mom because he or she has interactions within. b) Describe the process of the formation of self (self-identity or self-concept) and the social
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Unformatted text preview: construction of identity. ? Use at least one theorist and their theory (Cooley, Mead, Goffman, Freud, Jung, etc) and illustrate with examples. Self concept has three phrases. First, we imagine how we present ourselves to others, second, we imagine how others evaluate us, and third, we develop some sort of feelings about ourselves. Self concept/ is based on how we interact with others. Cooley (Self identity-looking glass) image that we hold in our mind, by the third stage we change the process. For example, an Asian student may react strongly to his or her peers stereotype and decides that the peers view the Asian student as being a know it all. d) Describe the "four essential elements" in the socialization process that are necessary for humans to learn appropriate roles as members of society. First, they must understand the laws of nature versus nurture, and then learn heredity versus the environment....
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soc4 - construction of identity Use at least one theorist...

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