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Final Review EXAM - History Final Review Wednesday 8PM...

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History Final Review Wednesday 8PM 10:30 AM Monday/Tuesday Eaton 333 Short Answers: Guaranteed Something on Central Europe: Meaning Hohenzalleran Development of Prussia Guaranteed -Elector of Brandenburg, original name of Prussia. -Start with Frederick William the Great Elector and Finish with Frederick the II the Great -Look at each of the different leaders and connect them to development of Prussia -Look at militarily, administratively and its growth as a significant power (one of the top 5) in Europe. Evolution of each aspect Guaranteed Ottoman Empire: -Look at Ottoman Essay, focus on major aspects of evolution. Muhammed II, Suleiman II, janissaries, devshirme (strengths) and weaknesses. End with 1700 and access the situation of the Ottoman Empire at 1700 IDs: Edict of Nantes, Henry IV, War of Three Henry’s, Revocation of Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV (end point of any ID) all go together ( one of these will be on it) -Edict of Nantes: Background the War of the 3 Henry’s, Henry IV wins he was a Huegenot, revolutionary doc of Edict of Nantes. 1 st time of equal co-existence between Protestantism and Catholicism. Detail the 8 pieces: private worship and liberty of conscience Public worship Protestant books could be legally published Full civil and political rights in France Financial support of Protestant schools Right to assemble Right to exercise judicial right in their own communities Right establish 200 Protestant Towns with fortifications Richilieu takes away fortified towns, does not affect their religious rights Henry IV is a protestant but is forced to convert to Catholicism, helped country recover from war of 3 Henry’s.
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Final Review EXAM - History Final Review Wednesday 8PM...

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