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Q1A - Problem Set Week 1 Solutions 1 Assume you are a...

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Problem Set Week 1 - Solutions 1. Assume you are a financial adviser. What things would you be assessing whilst listening to the O’Brien’s story? What do you think the O’Briens are thinking about in considering working with you? The adviser will be trying to determine whether this client (the two of them are the client) has enough spare funds to invest, whether they can work together, whether the client is prepared to consider perhaps considerable changes to their lifestyle, objectives, etc. The client will try to work out whether the cost is worthwhile, whether they can work with the adviser, whether the adviser can help them achieve what they want, etc. 2. List the O’Brien’s objectives. Live the good life (we’ll need to quantify what this means – see ASFA Retirement Standard) Like to own their own home Have enough savings to pay for a university education for Jessica and a second child Have enough income to do so, as well as provide them with a comfortable retirement.
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