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Q2 - these in class 5 Use the FPA Code and Rules to...

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Problem Set 2 1. Why do advisers need to be mindful of economic parameters in their dealings with clients? In this context, which parameters are the most important? 2. Why has the Australian Government been keen to encourage greater self-funded retirement? What has led to this position? What actions have the government taken to lessen the demand for social security assistance (e.g., the Age Pension)? 3. Who are the major players involved in financial planning, and what is their role? 4. The Financial Planning Association “Code of Ethics” and “Rules of Professional Conduct” are listed on Blackboard (under General Information). Make brief notes on these important means of guidance for financial planners. Be prepared to discuss
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Unformatted text preview: these in class. 5. Use the FPA Code and Rules to determine what you think might be appropriate action in the following case: Mei Ling and Kit Yin, a married couple, have been your clients for the past ten years (no children). Mei Ling comes to see you unbeknownst to Kit Yin. She has been having an affair for the past two years and is thinking of divorcing Kit Yin. However, she is concerned about the splitting of assets, and is seeking your advice about how she can secure a very large share of their joint assets. 6. Why do you think these codes and rules have been developed? To whom do they apply?...
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