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Q4 - think owns the client Discuss your answer from the...

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Problem Set 4 Q.1 Does a disclaimer in a SoA serve to assist the client in any way? If so, how does it assist? In what way may a disclaimer assist the financial planner? Q.2 In practice, it is common for a financial planner to prepare a SoA by cutting and pasting from another client’s SoA or by using a template. What advantages and disadvantages can you foresee with this practice? Q.3 There is often a disagreement between a licence holder and an authorised representative about who ‘owns’ the client. Why does this happen? Who do you
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Unformatted text preview: think owns the client? Discuss your answer from the view of the licence holder, the authorised representative and the client. Q.4 Provide an example of when a client’s needs may be mismatched by an adviser recommending an investment product which is inappropriate for the client. Explain what is the adviser’s obligation. Q.5 When reviewing a client’s portfolio, what issues need to be considered? Q.6 Explain the purpose of an executive summary to a SoA....
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