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OFFICE USE ONLY AFF3111 A W Child Page 1 of 11 Monash University Semester One Examination 2009 Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Accounting and Finance EXAM CODES: AFF3111 TITLE OF PAPER: Personal financial planning EXAM DURATION: 3 hours READING TIME: 10 minutes THIS PAPER IS FOR STUDENTS STUDYING AT: (office use only tick where applicable) ± Berwick ± Clayton ± Peninsula ± Distance Education ± Open Learning ; Caulfield ± Gippsland ± Sunway ± Hong Kong ± Other (specify) During an exam, you must not have in your possession, a book, notes, paper, calculator, pencil case, mobile phone or any other material/item which has not been authorised for the exam or specifically permitted as noted below. Any material or item on your desk, chair or person will be deemed to be in your possession. You are reminded that possession of unauthorised materials in an exam is a disciplinable offence under Monash Statute 4.1. AUTHORISED MATERIALS CALCULATORS ; YES ± NO (Only calculators with an 'approved for use' Faculty label can be used) OPEN BOOK ± YES ; NO SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED ITEMS ± YES ; NO if yes, items permitted are: This paper consists of eight (8) questions and four (4) pages of Rates and Tables printed on a total of eleven (11) pages. Students must attempt to answer ALL questions in Part A , and chose four (4) questions in Part B. This paper comprises 110 marks, and is worth 70% of your final mark in this unit. PLEASE CHECK THE PAPER BEFORE COMMENCING. THIS IS A FINAL PAPER. STUDENT ID: …………………………. .. DESK NUMBER: ……………………. THIS EXAMINATION PAPER MUST BE INSERTED INTO THE ANSWER BOOK AT THE COMPLETION OF THE PAPER. NO EXAMINATION PAPERS SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION ROOM
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OFFICE USE ONLY AFF3111 Personal financial planning Semester 1, 2009 AFF3111 A W Child 2 Part A – Comprises three (3) compulsory questions, all of which must be attempted, for a total of 30 marks Question 1 Jiang, who is 35, has sought your advice about her superannuation planning. She has just commenced a new business, and is self-employed as a landscape gardener. She earns about $60,000 before tax. She has a de facto, Ming, who is on leave from work at present to look after their four year old child. Ming will return to work as soon as the child commences school. Over the years, Jiang has been a member of a number of superannuation funds. She is currently a member of four funds. Her past employers had made contributions or she has contributed to the funds herself. Jiang would like to know: what should she do about her superannuation; whether she can contribute to a fund; the types of benefits that can be paid from the fund. Provide advice to Jiang on the points she has raised.
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PE09 - OFFICEUSEONLY MonashUniversity EXAMCODES AFF3111...

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