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risk profiler - Risk Profile Questionnaire This...

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This questionnaire is to be used to help determine your risk profile, when advice relating to investment and/or superannuation contributions is required. Question 1 Are you an accumulator or a retiree? Keeping this and your primary goals in mind, how long is it before you expect to need access to the majority of money invested? 1-3 years 1 3-7 years 2 7-10 years 5 More than 10 years 8 Question 2 Keeping in mind that the higher the return the higher the risk, approximately what annual rate of return would you be comfortable with to meet your goals? Less than 6% 1 7-12% 2 Above 12% 3 Question 3 Assuming you have an amount of money to invest, what degree of risk are you prepared to accept in order to achieve your goal? The safety of my/our money is my/our primary objective. I/We would rather have a low rate of return than risk the loss of any part of my/our capital. 1 I/We want my/our investment to produce the current income I/we need, but my/our capital should remain relatively stable. 2 I/We am/are willing to accept some fluctuation in my/our capital over the short term in exchange for higher returns over the long term. 3 In order to receive the maximum return on my/our investment, I/we am/are willing to accept a higher degree of risk. 4 Question 4 To what extent are you concerned about the impact of taxation on your investments? In relation to possible tax savings, I/we do not want to purchase tax saving investments that may expose my/our capital to risk. 1 I/We would prefer my/our capital to remain relatively steady with stable returns and some tax savings, if possible. 2 I/We would accept a small reduction in the capital investment value from time to time for the potential of achieving tax advantaged income. 3 Question 5 How concerned are you that the earnings on your savings and investment dollars exceed the rate of inflation? I/We would like to achieve returns which match inflation. 1 I/We would like to exceed the rate of inflation by a small percentage. 2 I/We must receive returns which are notably ahead of the inflation rate. 3 Risk Profile Questionnaire* Page 16
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Question 6 How familiar are you with investment markets?
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