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Chapter 7 1. The stakeholders in a student records in a university students system are: a. University administration including the people responsible for registration, payment of fees, tests and quizzes and graduation. b. The students whose details are recorded in the system. c. University departmental administrators who supply information to the system and use information provided. d. Academic staff that use information from the system. e. Data protection people/security. 2. The doctors will need in depth analyses of the patients to be shown so they can tell what the problem is easier, the nurses will need previous history of medicine and treatments
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Unformatted text preview: given to the patient, so they can know what to expect from a patient, and the medical coders may require a complete list of individual services provided to the patient, to know what to enter into the database. 3. The more important types of non-functional requirements are the ones relating to the reproduction of data of the entire system, to the individual machines. Keeping the data consistent and the same in the entire system would be one of the most important goals of the system. 4....
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