MKT environment - Economic - P79 Changes in Income - p80...

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MKT environment Microenvironment The Company - p67 Supplies -p67 MKT intermediaties -p67 Resellers Physical distribution firms MKT services agencies Finalcial intermediaries Competitors -p68 Publics - p69 Financial Media Goverment Citizen action Local General Interal Customers - p69 Customer markets household individual Business markets Reseller markets Goverment markets International markets customers producers resellers goverments Macroenvironment Demographic -p70 Changing age structure of the population - p70 Baby boomer Generation X Millannials tweens teen young adults General MKT Changing American family - p75 Geographic shifts in population - p76 A better edu, more profess population - p77 Increasing diversity - p77
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Unformatted text preview: Economic - P79 Changes in Income - p80 Changing cunsumer spending Patterns - p81 Natural -p81 Envir sustainable strategies Shortages of material increased population increased gov. intervention Technoligical - p82 Political & Social - p84 Legislation regulating business Increasing Legislation Changing gov angency enforcement Increased emphasis on ethics and socially responsible actions Socially Responsible Behavior Cause-Retaled MKT Cultural -p87 Persistence of Cultural values Shifts in secondary cultural values People's views of themself PVO others PVO organization PVO Society POV Nature POV Universal...
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MKT environment - Economic - P79 Changes in Income - p80...

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