The bar chart illustrates the contribution of 3 sector

The bar chart illustrates the contribution of 3 sector - On...

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The bar chart illustrates the contribution of 3 sectors – Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Business and Financial – to the UK economy between 1990 and 2010. In general, Business and Financial increase dramatically whereas the other sectors fall significantly. Looking at the graph it is apparent that there was slight rise in B n F in the twentieth century. In 1900, the percentage of this sector stood at fewer than 5%. Between 1950 and 1975, percentage of this sector double from 10% to over 20% and then grown sharply to nearly 30% in 2000.
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Unformatted text preview: On the other hand, A & M was falling significantly in period 100 years. Especially, A was increased slightly in first 50 years and peaked of over 50%. There was a plummeted from over 50% to nearly 10% in nest 25 years. The percentages reach a low of just under 5% in 2000. While M fall gradually about 10% from 900 to 1975 and then there was a considerable decline throughout the period from between 1975 and 2000...
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