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Patrick Kennedy Music as Culture Extra Credit Chapter 8 Study Questions 1. The basic features of Hinduism include the studying of the four Vedas, the worship of many deities, and the caste system of rigid hierarchical levels in society. 2. The two basic traditions of Indian music are Hindustani and Karnatak. They are similar in that they both use Ragas as the basis for melody, the tala as the basis of rhythm and the singing is the highest form of musical expression in both of them. They also both has related histories and use related types of instruments. They differ in the fact that Hindustani has a heavier influence of Islamic tradition, and more international exposure, while Karnatak has different ragas, talas, and music technologies. Karnatak also elevates the status of singing in its music. 3. The sitar and the tabla belong to the Hindustani tradition, while the vina and the mrdangam belong to the Karnatak tradition. 4. Three melodic instruments other than the sitar are the tabla, tambura, and the tala. 5. The gharana is the system in which musicians or dances are arranged by their social organization with society. They are organized lineage or which music style they adhered to. Shankar was raised in the Maihar Gharana and Baba was his Guru. 6. Ravi Shankar was an extremely important exponent of Hindustani Raga, his passion and talent really allowed the music to prosper. George Harrison and John Coltrane was also an extremely important part of the music’s fusion with Western Style. 7. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt played the sitar and violin and also reconfigured the western guitar to his liking. 8. Raga Nat Bhairav is devotional raga which is played in the morning The Raga which correlates with Shiva was popularized by Ravi Shankar, but in this chapter we hear it performed by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. 9. Ravi Shankar and his relationship with Yehumi Menuhin and George Harrison were important because they brought credibility and vast musical knowledge to Indian music. The artist already had established names, which help facilitate its spread. They incorporated their own style of play to make it more personable. 10. Ravi Shankar's two famous musician daughters are Anoushka Shankar and Norah
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ExCredit Music as Culture - Patrick Kennedy Music as...

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