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Hum Notes - Incidental – not exactly accidental Mean...

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Images, Detail, and Word Choice: Hum All of the images in the poem are fragmented, and by themselves mean very little or mundane things. When put together in the form Lauterbach uses they garner meaning. i.e. repetition of “the days are beautiful” suggests actual weather of the day, irrespective of the events that took place Words such as beautiful, tomorrow, weep, weather, yesterday, and here all give the poem a sorrowful tone.
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Unformatted text preview: Incidental – not exactly accidental. Mean something that happens by chance or minor detail. Interesting way to refer to 9/11. Downplays severity of the event. Imagery – the rain is ashes/ the days are beautiful. The rain falls down/the sound is falling. The sky is a cloud. The sky is dust. Paradoxical. Imagery of a sky filled with dust, ashes, rain, and the sound of weeping gives a heavily negative tone to the poem....
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