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Still I Rise Paper

Still I Rise Paper - And Still I Rise In this poem Angelou...

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Andy Soliman Professor Bendall ARLT 100 9 December 2011 Close Reading and Analysis of “Still I Rise” “While one may encounter defeats, one must not be defeated.” –Maya Angelou At the beginning of my first semester at USC, I had the distinctive privilege of attending a poetry reading featuring renowned contemporary poet, Maya Angelou. This event was, largely, my first exposure to the world of spoken poetry, and I found myself entranced by the way Angelou’s voice bobbed up and down when reading, singing certain lines, and adding a newfound depth to her poems. The poem that spoke to me most effectively that evening was her piece entitled “Still I Rise”, the title work from her book
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Unformatted text preview: And Still I Rise . In this poem, Angelou utilizes rhythmic devices in conjunction with the content of the poem in order to inspire and galvanize the reader by means of personal experience and historical perspective. The content of “Still I Rise” is an interesting juxtaposition of inspiring subject matter and depressing undertones that lend themselves well to the duality of the poem. The speaker throughout the piece is Angelou, herself, addressing her adversaries, whilst also grappling with the plight of her ancestors. She employs specific content, literary devices, and word choice throughout the poem in order to achieve a powerful and persistent tone....
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